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06 November 2021 @ 05:26 pm

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<3 Dess Paire
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14 September 2021 @ 06:31 pm
This is just a movie checklist for myself. I'm very forgetful.

Sherlock Holmes

Kick Ass
Let Me In

Green Hornet

The Dark Knight Rises
Silent Hill 2

This Is The End
After Earth
You're Next
The Conjuring
Insidious 2
World War Z
Thor 2
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Jack the Giant Slayer
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14 April 2009 @ 06:47 pm

An Cafe at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA on April 12th

An Cafe Concert!


The Ride There and the Wait


Since the concert was on Easter, I had to work in the morning.  D:  I was way tired and distracted.  Around 3:30, my mom and I picked up Kathleen (not her real name but idk if she’d want it on the net).


The ride to Anaheim was kinda boring so we just watched movies on our iPods and listened to music.  And we saw a van on fire.  Like, full on fire coming from the interior burning.  Like in the movies.  Except this is real life.


We got Downtown Disney at around 5.  Of course the line was already huge.  XD  So, we went to find food.  Kathleen didn’t eat and all I had was half a bread pudding.  Then I felt kind of sick, so I gave it to my mom. 


Standing in line was interesting.  There was this really loud girl.  And then people from the “Hop the Line” line (lol) came over to the general admission line.  They had a HUGE poster with the entire band on it.  Someone had drawn each of the band members.  It was so good, I thought it was a photograph at first.  XD  Kathleen didn’t want to sign it, so I signed for both of us.  She said she could see up my skirt went I kneeled down but it was all good cuz I had spandex shorts underneath. 


I wrote “OUR ♥s LEAP FOR KANON” right next to Kanon’s head.  In bright pink.  :3  As soon as a get the pictures from Kathleen, I’ll post it up.


Because I wanted to take a picture of the poster, Kathleen and I ran all the way back to the car to get the camera.  Once we got back in line and my mom left, we just played stupid hand games, like Rock Paper Scissors Slap until it was time to go in. 


The Live


I hide the camera in my pocket, so the security wouldn’t take it when I opened my purse.  Once Kathleen and I got inside, we got some merchandise.  Kathleen and I both bought the Harajuku Dance Rock shirt and she also bought a poster.  Then we went down to the floor and found a spot.  I ran to the bathroom really quick and when I came back, we waited for a while.


Around 8, the band came on.  :D  Teruki was first, then Yuuki, who jumped around a lot, lol.  Then Kanon, Takuya and finally Miku.  Let me just say he pulls off sparkly pants extremely well.  XD


Since I couldn’t really remember the song order (give me a break, I got punched in the ribs), I looked it up on other journals.  XD


Cherry Saku Yuuki - Opening song!  I like this song and it was cool to see live.  :3


Tekesuta KousenThe 2nd song.  The dancing and the clapping = love.  Very fun.

Kawayu's Rock – This song was fuuuun.  Growling Miku was super hot, since I find growls sexy for some odd reason.

Summer Dive – All I remember was that it was really good and fun.  XD  I was super tired that day.

ZetsuBou – Sounded good live.  Which is always a good thing. 

Orange Dream – This is such a pretty song and it was wonderful to hear live.  Most people just stood there captivated.  :3  I did.

Then they did a little intro of the band, where Miku shouted the name and then did a different little dance for each one.  XD  Cute cute cute is all I can say to that.  I found a video from the concert and this is when the intro happened.

Nyappy in the World 4 – This song was so fun!  I could not stop giggling because of Miku and Yuuki’s little singing “battle” thing and their cute dancing.  It was so cute and they got the audience yell and cheer and stuff.  Cute~

Duck Magical Adventure – Just plain funny.  I wanted the Mickey Mouse doll, but Miku threw it on the other side of the room.  And people fell.  It was great.  :3


Now, I think this is where everyone in the band got to say something to the audience.  Their English is so cute XD.  And Teruki was reading off a paper and I think Yuuki was too.  Kanon said “I will make you melt.”  Sooo cute.  And Takuya said “I love you guys.”  Awww.  It was adorable.

Aroma – I love this song, so of course I was waiting to hear it live.  Miku was totally adorable in this song.  (When is he not?)

Leaps for "C" – Miku said his heart leaps for his fans!  IT WAS CUTE.  Such a fun song.

Snow Scene – This song is great live.  :3  I was happy they played it.  Miku said it was the last song, but everyone knew there would be an encore.


After waiting for like, maybe 5 minutes?  I don’t remember, but the band was changing shirts and they came back on stage.  Everyone was wearing the Bunny shirt except Miku.  He wore the tour shirt.  And he pulled his bangs back with bobby pins.  So cute!

BondS ~Kizuna~ - AHHHHH!  I love this song!  I was so glad they played it!  It was so great.  And Miku starting spitting water from his water bottles onto the audience.  Since I was in the middle, I got wet a lot.  It felt great, since it was so hot in there!  And then Miku poured water on his head.  Super cute.

Smile Ichiban Ii Onna – As soon as Miku said “Show me your special smile,” I knew this song was coming.  Kathleen and I screamed so hard.  This song was AMAZING live.  The whole audience got jumping and singing along, it was great!  And there was more water bottle spit, lol.  Kathleen almost caught a water bottle and one almost hit my head.  By the time I realized what had happened, someone had gotten it.  D:


Unfortunately, that was when the concert ended.  I didn’t want it to end!  The band stayed onstage for a long time, getting presents and stuff from the fans.  I wish I had been closer.  Next time, Kathleen and I are going to get to the front and give them something.  IDK what yet, though.  Lol


Someone hit Teruki with a bracelet in the side.  Lol.  And this girl in front of me hit Kanon in the head with something.  Awwww!  She felt so bad, since she didn’t mean to hit him! 


When the band left, Kathleen and I ran upstairs to buy more stuff.  Since my debit card was being dumb with the ATM, I got money from my mom.  Kathleen bought the Harajuku Dance Rock CD/DVD and I bought the tour shirt, the poster, the sticker and the postcard set.  XD  I spent $68 and Kathleen spent around $45.  We wanted to be able to magically teleport to the San Fran concert, since we’d had so much fun!


Best Things About the Concert:


-I got cool stuff!

-I got to see Miku shake his ass.  XD  Kathleen missed it though, since she was staring at me, because some kid was bugging me.

-KANON.  Lol, he smiled at Kathleen and I.  We were really happy.  <3

-Takuya’s rare smiles.

-Takuya and Kanon playing back to back.

-Miku’s dancing

-Miku’s growls

-Yuuki’s super cute hyper activeness and jumping.

-Teruki makes drum playing look adorable.

-Seeing how cute some of the fans had dressed



Despite my battle scars (sore legs and arms, cramped elbow from taking pictures, scratchy voice, and seriously painful bruised ribs that feel like someone kicked them) I HAD A BLAST AND I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN RIGHT NOW IF I COULD.

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